WEB Solutions : With over 10 years experience in web designing and development, we can produce any site, from a simple static website to a complex database driven website. Your website must not only look attractive and be informative but also represent your brand. Our team of skilled web designers are able to create a top quality website for you that best represents your brand. We specialize in all areas of website design and development, blog set-up and Web 2.0 including, Social media websites, blogs, news aggregators, content sharing networks, social bookmarking services and online networking websites. We also develop cutting-edge Rich Internet Applications (RIA). Our web design clients are located worldwide including India, USA, Australia, the UK and other European countries. Read More..

SEO Services : Every Website need professional search engine optimization to obtain those valuable high visibility top positions on major search engines like Google, MSN, Yahoo etc. Our professional search engine optimization and ranking service provides you with top quality yet affordable SEO services.Read More..

Bulk SMS Solutions : If you want to send Bulk SMS over the Internet, you have come to the right place. We are not a content provider however we facilitate the delivery of SMS text, binary, UCS2, from content providers, and website owners, systems administrators and integrators, personal, professional, and business owners, who wish to integrate Bulk SMS service on their websites, company servers, desktop computers, and send Bulk SMS or text messages both over SMPP or HTTP using software clients and tools, offered free to our users to over 480 GSM CDMA NETWORKS AROUND THE WORLD. Read More..

DSC Services : Ishika is Licensed Registration Authority / LRA of for issuance of MCA21 Digital Signature Certificates all over India. Read More..

Digital Marketing Services : The opportunities for businesses to benefit from the use of all the available digital marketing services is great; but with these opportunities also come the headaches that go with them! Making proper use of the digital marketing services of a digital marketing agency like ISHIKA TECHNOLOGIES can help you get the most out of them with least stress to you. Read More..

LOGO Design Services : An ideal logo grabs attention and creates a long-lasting impression of your company which helps your business grow. At "CustomLogos" we know what it takes to create great logos. Our highly talented and experienced designers are committed to creating a professional logo design that best suites your company's needs at unbeatable prices. Read More..

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many more TLD / top level domains.

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